Antena 3 (Spanish: Antena tres) is the most popular commercial TV channel in Spain. It is the flagship TV channel of Atresmedia, the largest Spanish private broadcaster, in which the RTL Group holds a ~20% stake.

Antena 3 primarily competes with Telecinco. On a larger scale, Antena 3 and LaSexta, along with Mediaset España’s Telecinco and Cuatro, are the four most-watched Spanish commercial TV channels.

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Antena 3 logo 1989 Antena3tricolor1992 Antena3 3d Logo antena 3 telefonica Antena 3 new A3 2015 Antena 3 2017
1989–1992 1992–1997 1997–2001, 2002–2004 2001–2002 2004–2014 2014–2017 2017–present


Antena 3 logo 1989

Antena 3 was founded on 25 August 1989; test transmissions began on 25 December, and the station was fully launched on 4 January 1990.



The international channel was launched in 1995 and kept the same identity as the terrestrial channel.

1997–2001, 2002–2004

Antena3 3d

Telefónica acquired Antena 3 Televisión S.A. in 1997; the channel changed its tricolour logo to a 3D version, removing the word Televisión. After Telefónica sold Antena 3 in 2002, the channel returned to its 3D tricolour logo.


Logo antena 3 telefonica

The logo was changed to a blue one with gradients, the same as the Telefónica logo.


Antena 3 new

The logo's colour changed to orange and the logo itself became two-dimensional.


A3 2015

A slightly modified logo was introduced in 2014 along with a new graphics package. The on-screen typeface is the widely-used Gotham font.


Antena 3 2017

A new look was introduced in 2017. It was created by the French motion branding agency Gédéon, which has worked with Atresmedia on several occasions.

Isidora was introduced as a new corporate typeface, and was extended to the news division, Antena 3 Noticias.

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