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Antena 3 Noticias is the news program of Spanish TV channel Antena 3. It is broadcast since 1990, with the channel's foundation.



The first logo consisted on the channel's main logo, modified to have a lowercase "n" in the right that stood for Noticias (News).



When Antena 3 changed its logo in 1992, the newscast also changed its branding. It now features the tricolor Antena 3 logo, with the program's name written below. This was short-lived, since it lasted for just one year.


A3N 1993.png

In 1993, the logo was changed again. The Noticias text is now bigger, underlined and in capital letters. The Antena 3 text is also to the right of the symbol, with both being on top and to the right of the Noticias text.


Antena 3 noticias bolas.png

In 1996, the logo was again changed. Both the Antena 3 symbol and the underline below the Noticias text are removed, and are replaced with 3 squares, colored (from left to right): red, blue and yellow, and each has a "globe" on it. This lasted for only one year.


Antena 3 noticias brillos2.jpg

In 1997, the logo was changed once again. The Noticias text gains much attention, as shown above. This was also short-lived.


Antena 3 noticias bola azul.png

In 1998, the newscast changed once again: the Antena 3 symbol returns, with the left/right parts being blue and the bottom part being the "globe". The Noticias text is also on another typeface that resembles Helvetica.


Antena 3 noticias blanco.png

When Antena 3 changed its branding in 2004, the newscast changed as well. Both texts are now in Futura, and the symbol is black.


Antena 3 noticias azul.png

In 2007, the symbol changed again. The channel's logo is white on a blue rectangle: on the right, a blue and lowercase "n" inside a white rectangle.


Antena 3 noticias naranja.png

In 2009, the symbol was modified: both rectangles became squares are now black, with the channel's logo being orange and the "n" being white. Below, the Antena 3 and Noticias texts are located below each square, both in lowercase letters and using the Trebuchet MS typeface.


Antena 3 noticias 2014 negro.png
Antena 3 noticias blanco-0.png

In 2014, the symbol was modified once again: the squares have white borders and the texts were removed. Another variant was created, where the borders and the "n" are gray and the squares are white. The black variant was the mostly-used variant.


Antena 3 Noticias 2016.svg

In 2016, the symbol was modified again: the Antena 3 logo is now bigger and separated from a square. The other square is now orange. This became short-lived because of the channel's rebranding the following year.

2017–2018 (as Noticias Antena 3)

Antena 3 Noticias 2017.svg

This was an interim logo used with the new logo and graphics of Antena 3, introduced in May 2017 by Gédéon, but using the old news studio design and graphics. During this time, the program was called Noticias Antena 3 (inverting the order of the word Noticias and the channel's name).


A3Noticias 2018.svg

The orange news theme was changed to a dark blue graphics package on 3 September 2018, with a new studio, graphics package and music theme. The new logo and graphics were created by Gédéon, as with Antena 3 the previous year, and the corporate typeface is Isidora. Variants for Deportes and El Tiempo were also created, with each of their respective "o"s being replaced with a circle and using a sleeker weight.

On the same day, VTM Nieuws in Belgium also introduced a new look, also designed by Gédéon.