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Antv first Anteve 1993 Antv 2003 Antv 2006
1993–1994 1994–2003 2003–2006 2006–2009
Antv 2009 Antv (2009) (Gray) Antv 2013 motif Antv logo (2017)
2009–2016 2012–present 2013–2018 2016–present



Antv first

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This logo was used when ANteve was a local television station in Bandar Lampung.

On 1 March 1993, ANteve was launched as a national television station based in Jakarta, for teenagers and young adults.


Anteve 1993

On 1 February 1994, the ANteve logo has been modified after moving its studio to Jakarta.




Antv 2003

On 1 March 2003, ANteve changed its logo for the first time in 10 years. While it's now referred as antv, the old pronouncation in Bahasa Indonesia remained the same. 


Antv 2006

This logo was launched during On 30 April 2006, shortly after STAR TV bought the 20% shares on antv.


Antv 2009

On 20 September 2009, antv changed its logo once again, and the STAR TV logo was removed.


Antv (2009) (Gray)

antv started using this logo during Ramadhan season on 20 July 2012.


Antv 2013 motif

On 17 March 2013, the 2012 antv logo has a batik motif on it.


Antv logo (2017)

In February 2016, the 2009 antv logo has been modified into a simple two-dimensional colours, and the yellow outline was removed, and it is currently used as a corporate and an on-air logo. This logo was first appeared on their website and had officialy began used as a corporate logo since 1 January 2017 and as an on-air logo since 25 March 2018.

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