Not to be confused with Autoridad Nacional de Televisión (Colombia) or ANTV in Venezuela.
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1993–1994 1994–2003 2003–2006 2006–2009
1993–1994 1994–2003 2003–2006 2006–2009
2009–2016 2012–present 2013–2018 2016–present
2009–2016 2012–present 2013–2018 2016–present



Anteve first logo.svg

This logo was used when the channel was a local television station in Bandar Lampung. On 1 March 1993, ANteve was launched as a Jakarta-based national television station for teenagers and young adults.


Anteve 1993.svg

On 1 February 1994, the logo was modified after moving its studios to Jakarta.



Antv 2003.svg

On 1 March 2003, ANteve received an overhauled look for the first time in 10 years, and it started to being written as antv.


Antv 2006.svg

This logo was launched on 30 April 2006, shortly after STAR TV bought 20% of shares on antv.


Antv 2009.svg

On 20 September 2009, as Star TV sold its stake to Viva, ANTV received a new look based on its former Star-branded logo. The yellow stroke was added under the red rectangle, as well as the wordmark now shown in white.


Antv (2009) (Gray).svg

On 20 July 2012, antv logo became transparent. This variant is still used during commercial breaks.


Antv 2013 motif.png
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On 17 March 2013, a batik motif was superimposed on the 2012 logo. This variant is still used on employee's uniforms.


Antv logo (2017).svg

In March 2018, the 2009 logo was slightly modified as the yellow shade was removed. It is currently used as a corporate and an on-air logo; first appearing on their website and had officialy uses as a corporate logo since 1 January 2017, and eventually as an on-air logo since 25 March 2018.