1993–1997 (South Korea), 1993–2011 (China)

Anycall wordmark 1993.svg

Samsung Anycall was launched in 1993, to compete with Motorola mobile phones in South Korea. It was later expanded to Greater China region and continued to use this logo until 2011. Outside Korea and Greater China regions, it uses the main Samsung branding instead of Anycall, which later its US, Europeean and Asian mobile division became Samsung Mobile in 2005.

1997–2011 (South Korea)

Anycall wordmark 1997.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Anycall Typeface
Launched:  Unknown

On May 15, 1997, Samsung Anycall changed its logo in South Korea to match with the current Samsung logo, alongside its new slogan "Digital Exciting" as the brand is focus more on 2G-based phones. In March 2, 2003, alongside with its new slogan "Digital Exciting", the new Anycall logo was designed by the spokeswoman Lee Hyori, with it's new Anycall typeface was used in Anycall commercials from 1997 to 2011. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S in South Korea, it was branded as Anycall Galaxy S but starting with Galaxy S II, it dropped the Anycall branding altogether in favor of the Samsung name.

Samsung ended the Anycall development on December 7, 2011, when it was finally discontinued.

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