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1943–1947 1947–1970s 1970s–1980s 1980s–present
1943–1947 1947–1970s 1970s–1980s 1980s–present

Aperture Science, Inc., better known as simply Aperture Science, is a United States-based scientific research corporation appearing in Portal and Portal 2. A morally and ethically bankrupt company, they are the center of the Portal series; the games taking place in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, their headquarters where all of their projects are researched and developed, which serve as the mechanics of the series.

Aperture Fixtures


Aperture Fixtures.svg

Aperture Fixtures is founded around 1943 by business entrepreneur Cave Johnson as a shower curtain developer and manufacturer, with it's goal being to innovate and pioneer shower curtain design. This proved to be a success, with Aperture Fixture's high-tech shower curtains finding a market in most branches of the United States Armed Forces as well as the public.

Aperture Science Innovators


Aperture Science Innovators.svg

Following it's success, the corporation's focus was expanded to pure scientific research and development; a large research facility called the Aperture Science Enrichment Center being constructed in a large Upper Michigan salt mine in 1947 to serve as the headquarters of the newly branded Aperture Science Innovators, where scientific innovation could persist and endure no matter any circumstances.

Aperture Science


Aperture Science 70s.svg

The name was formally shortened to Aperture Science in the 1970s, with a rebranding that would give the company a more retro futuristic style.


Aperture Science.svg

The company was finally rebranded one last time in the 1980s, adopting the trade name Aperture Laboratories that would be incorporated in it's main logo alongside a new symbol; that of the symbol commonly used for the aperture setting on cameras.

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