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AppStore2008 App Store for iOS AppStoreIcon11Beta AppStoreIcon11
2008–2013 2013–2017 2017 (prototype) 2017–present




Used from June 2008 to September 2013. This logo was used from iPhoneOS 2 to iOS 6. It has a ruler, pencil and paintbrush forming a A shape inside a white circle in a dark blue to cyan gradient, finished with the pre-iOS 7 icon design


App Store for iOS

On September 18, 2013 (June 10, 2013 in betas), the app icon was changed along with all the other iOS icons. This icon was used from iOS 7 to iOS 10. The icon is still used for Xcode (untill version 10). 

2017 (prototype)


The circle was removed, and the logo was made larger than the old one. This was only seen in the iOS 11 beta.



In August 2017, iOS 11 gave the App Store a more simple icon. The pencil, paintbrush, and ruler were dropped for the very first time in favor for popsicle sticks since its launch in 2008. This icon is also used in Xcode (version 11).


2000-2004 (Applications)

App Store Logo (2000-2005) (prelaunch)

It has yellow pencil with a red or hot pink rubber connected with a chrome rectangle,a wooden ruler in the back and a red paintbrush with a silver connection to a beige furry thing



In 2011, the Mac App Store was officially launched along with this logo. It Looks to be a blue button fading into cyan in the Center , with a black semi-outline at the top , surrounded with a light grey outline. completed with a black shadow , the ruler, paintbrush and pencil and the pre-2013 style, skeumorphism



The flat design was adopted from this logo, now it’s a white to light grey gradient as the outline . And the back ground is cyan to a sapphire-like blue shade.


AppIcon 128x128x32

The pencil, paintbrush, and ruler now appear to be popsicle stick.However, the 2014-17 logo still appears as the symbol for the applications tab in Finder in macOS High Sierra and Mojave. In macOS Catalina, the symbol is replaced with the sticks.


Macos10 15 mac app store icon

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The icon's outline is changed from white to blue. Only used in macOS Catalina.


Icon 128x128 Normal@2x

On the macOS Big Sur Public Beta, like the other apps, it has the notorious iOS rounded square icons with neumorphism , which is a flat design mixed with skeumorphism



ZZZZFlattenedImage-1.0 Normal

It has a dark blue to a very dark blue gradient rectangle with the white ruler, pencil and paintbrush


ZZZZFlattenedImage-1.1 Normal 3

It now has popsicle sticks as the ruler, pencil and paintbrush.

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