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Aqua is a brand of bottled mineral water produced by PT Aqua Golden Mississippi and PT Tirta Investama, both are Indonesian subsidiaries of Groupe Danone. It is the most popular bottled water in Indonesia, even it has been a common word for "bottled mineral water".




Aqua was first introduced in 1973 as Puritas, which was stand for Pure Artesian Water.



Aqua (1974) (Wordmark)


Aqua old

In 1974, Puritas changed its name into Aqua and began to use the water flow logotype, as well as an iconic uppercase "AQUA" wordmark. Several minor changes were made over the years. For example, Pure Artesian Water text became Mountain Spring Water in 1984, as well as the change of the company name from PT Golden Mississippi to PT Aqua Golden Mississippi Tbk in the late 1990s.

The logo remained unchanged until 2000 when its new owner Groupe Danone (which acquired the company in 1998) unveils a new Danone-Aqua mark.



In 2000, two years after being acquired by Groupe Danone in 1998, Aqua received a new look based on its 26-years-old forerunner with Danone brand logo being placed on the top of the logo. The company started to refer to themselves as Danone-Aqua since then.


Aqua 2004

In 2004, a refreshed look was unveiled but barely last for a year. It added the shade of light blue to a part of the wordmark as well as changing the water flow mark into a blue mountain to emphasize its mountain sources.


Aqua (2005)

In 2005, a minor change was unveiled as Danone brand logo changed globally.


Aqua (2013) (Wordmark)


Aqua logo 2013

As a part of the 40th anniversary of Aqua, an updated logo which featured slightly-modified wordmark and new mountain icon was launched in February 2013.


Aqua logo 2018

For the first time since 2000, the Danone logo was removed at the 45th anniversary of Aqua in February 2018. In May 2018, the registered mark on the right corner was replaced by a trademark.


Aqua (2019)

In early September 2019, following the prior update on last year, Aqua tweaked its logo, which most notably seen in its wordmark as well as the mountain icon. The new logo was revealed along with the new label design.

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