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1972–1973 1973–1990 1990–1996 1996–2003 2003–2021 2021–present
1972–1973 1973–1990 1990–1996 1996–2003 2003–2021 2021–present

Winnipeg Jets (original incarnation)

NOTE: This incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets is related in name only to the current one that has played since 2011 and was previously the Atlanta Thrashers. For the logo of the current Jets, see Winnipeg Jets (2011).

Winnipeg Jets 1972.png
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The Winnipeg Jets began play in the World Hockey Association.


Winnipeg Jets logo (until 1990).svg

When the WHA merged with the National Hockey League in 1979, the team moved to the NHL, keeping its 1973 logo.


Winnipeg Jets logo (1990-1996).svg

After the 1995-96 season, the team relocated to Phoenix and became the Phoenix Coyotes due to financial issues. A new NHL team took the name Winnipeg Jets when the Atlanta Thrashers relocated in 2011.

Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes


Phoenix Coyotes 1996.png

This logo was designed by Greg Fisher, of the Phoenix design form Campbell Fisher Ditko (now simply Fisher).

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Arizona Coyotes.svg

The logo was designed by Adrenalin Design Group.



After using the katchina logo as a secondary logo for three years, on September 20, 2021, the Coyotes announced that the logo would return full-time as a primary logo beginning with the 2021-22 season. As a result, their previous logo from 2003 gets demoted to secondary status.

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