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Astro (abbreviation form of All-Asia Satellite Television and Radio Operator) is a Malaysian satellite subscription television and radio service established on 1 June 1996. It is owned by Astro Holdings Sdn. Bhd., part of Khazanah Nasional.

Astro's rivalling television providers are Unifi TV, an IPTV service owned by Telekom Malaysia, and MyFreeview, a digital terrestrial television service owned by MYTV Broadcasting, which is owned by Altel Communications.


Astro 1996



Astro (Malaysian satellite television - logo)

Introduced in September 2003, Astro have been using this logo for sixteen years. This one uses the Gotham Medium font for "astro", coloured in dark blue and underneath it was a red double curve strip.


Astro 2012 logo

Later in 2012, Astro slightly tweaked its wordmark and recoloured the entire logo pink.

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