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1996–2003 2003–2012 2012–present
1996–2003 2003–2012 2012–present

Astro (abbreviation form of All-Asia Satellite Television and Radio Operator) is a Malaysian satellite subscription television and radio service established on 1 June 1996. It is owned by Astro Holdings Sdn. Bhd., part of Khazanah Nasional.

Astro's rivalling television providers are Unifi TV, an IPTV service owned by Telekom Malaysia, and MyFreeview, a digital terrestrial television service owned by MYTV Broadcasting, which is owned by Altel Communications.


Astro 1996.svg



Astro (Malaysian satellite television - logo).svg

Introduced in September 2003, Astro have been using this logo for sixteen years. This one uses the Gotham Medium font for "astro", coloured in dark blue and underneath it was a red double curve strip.


Astro 2012 logo.svg

Later in 2012, Astro slightly tweaked its wordmark and recoloured the entire logo pink.

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