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2003 2003-2006 2006-2019 2019-present
2003 2003-2006 2006-2019 2019-present

Astro Prima is a Malaysian television channel owned and operated by Astro. The channel began broadcasting on 9 August 2003, through Channel 8 (later channel 105). It broadcasts Malay programs for the whole family such as local serial dramas and telemovie from 16 April 2007 onwards. Preceding this date, it broadcasts foreign language programs catering to Malaysian audiences.


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Astro Prima 2006.png

In 16 April 2007, Astro decided to rebrand its TV channels, Including Astro Prima.


Astro Prima 2019.png

On 19 January 2019, Astro Prima HD was launched after Astro Maya HD ceased transmission.

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