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1996-2003 2003-2006 2006-2015 2015-present
1996-2003 2003-2006 2006-2015 2015-present

Astro Ria is Astro's flagship television channel which was one of the first 22 channels to launch on 1 June 1996 through channel 1 (later channel 104), then available on high-definition (HD) on channel 123 since 29 May 2015 with Astro Ria HD.

It broadcasts in Malay for 24 hours and includes mainly reality shows namely Akademi Fantasia and Roda Impian (before TV3 takes over).



Astro RIA 1996 Logo.png



Astro Ria (2D).png


Astro ria.png

On 16 April 2007, Astro decided to rebrand its TV channels, including Astro Ria, with a new graphics package involving the logo forming itself against an animated background. Astro Ria shares its first ident background with Astro AEC.


Astro Ria.png

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