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1970-1972 1972–1973 April-June 1973 June-July 1973 July 1973 July-August 1973
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1973–2002; 2012–present 2002–2003 2003–2009 2009–2012 2012–present

Syzygy Co.[]


Atari - 1970

Atari Inc.[]


Atari first logo 1973
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ITC Busorama Bold
Launched:  June 27, 1972

Atari was first incorporated on June 27, 1972. This logo was used only on a handful of print ads and documents pertaining to their Pong arcade game.

April–June 1973[]

Atari - 1973 Apr

The S/A logo stood for Syzygy/Atari, as Syzygy was still operating as a separate engineering unit at the time.

June–July 1973[]

Atari logo 1973

In June the S/A logo was slightly modified. A very sci-fi styled Atari wordmark was added alongside.

July 1973[]

Atari - 1973 Jul

This logo was only used in the first half of July 1973.

July–August 1973[]

Atari - 1973 July

Using a modified lettering style to the logo introduced a month prior, this transitional logo marks the first appearance of the iconic “Fuji” symbol designed by George Opperman. It was first publicly used in mid-July 1973, in promotional materials for the game Space Race.

1973–2002; 2012–present[]

Atari 1972
Designer:  George H. Opperman and
Evelyn Seto of
Opperman-Harrington, Inc.[1]
Typography:  Harry Fat
Launched:  August 4, 1973

First seen in an advertisement in the August 4, 1973 edition of Cash Box magazine. This logo is still used as a print logo.



Atari Logo1

In 2002, the font of the wordmark was changed and the logo was enclosed in a red rectangle.


Atari Logo2
Designer:  BrandEquity
Typography:  Harry (modified)
Launched:  2003

In May 2003, the color of the red rectangle was changed and the symbol was slightly modified.


Logopedia InfoWhite BETTER LOGO NEEDED

In 2009, Atari reintroduced the classic 1973 logo, albeit using the modified typeface used in the 2002 logo.


Atari Official 2012 Logo

In 2012, the 2009 logo was replaced with the unmodified 1973 logo in a red box.

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