In 1996, Atari Corp launched the Atari interactive brand, which would be used for porting their Jaguar games to the PC. The label was later discontinued just after being founded, due to Atari's merger with JT Storage.


Atari - Hasbro Interactive Logo

When JT Storage sold Atari to Hasbro, Hasbro formed another Atari Interactive devision to replace a holding company that they had made just for buying Atari. Atari Interactive was apart of the Hasbro Interactive devision of Hasbro.


AtarI Cellar of boxes

This logo only appeared on the PlayStation version of Q*Bert. The PC and Dreamcast versions used the logo above.


Atari Blue
Atari red
Atari matalic

In 2001, Infogrames, Atari's New owner, Relaunched the Atari brand as a sub-division of Infogrames. This logo can ether be Red, Blue or Black.


Atari logo

This new logo debuted in 2002. It was only used on-screen, and never appeared on game boxes. It was in tandom with the last logo and the next logo on game covers. Sometimes the Background can be White, and the circle can be red.

2002-2003 (Print Logo)

Atari Logo1
This logo, was used on game boxes from June 2002 to August 2003, but was never used as an on-screen logo, instead using the previous 2 logos on-screen.


This logo, used when Infogrames re-branded as Atari is a modified version of the previous logo.




545px-Atari Official 2012 Logo.svg

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