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1961–1983 1983–2015 2015–present 2018–present
1961–1983 1983–2015 2015–present 2018–present



Auchan was founded in 1961 by Gérard Mulliez.


1983–2015; 1988–2003 (United States); 1996–2018 (Poland)

Auchan logo.svg

In 1983, Auchan adopted a new logo, replacing the "A" in a circle by the "A-bird" (the "A" behind a robin). This bird would mean sympathy and is closer to the human.

2015–present; 2018–present (Poland)

Logo auchan.svg

Auchan unveiled their rebranded logo on May 28, 2015, with a new motto : "Et la vie, vous l'aimez comment ?" (How do you like life?). The "a" has been altered, as same as the typeface, and the robin got redesigned.



In 2018 Auchan change slogan to "Auchan, et la vie change. (Auchan, and life changes.)" and sightly repainted this logo.


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