Austral Televisión was a television channel formed through an alliance between Red Bicolor de Comunicaciones S.A.A. (RBC), a company owned by the Belmont family, Compañía Radiodifusora Arequipa S.A. (CRASA), a company owned by the Mendoza family and Nor Peruana de Radiodifusión S.A., a company owned by the Palermo family. It was issued between 1998 and 2003 in the cities of Lima and Arequipa.

Austral Televisión (first era)


The first logo of this channel was a red sphere with a gold colored "A" and 3D attached to it and below, the name "AUSTRAL" in gold and below, the word "TELEVISION" in silver, both in typography Lithos Light.

Canal A

1999-2001 (Lima and Arequipa)

In 1999, the channel was renamed Canal A and the logo for that stage was a sloping blue oval with a kind of red wheel mark below it and above the blue oval, an "A" in Impact typeface in italics and above the logo, the word "canal" with the same typeface.

Austral Televisión (second era)


In 2001, only in Arequipa (the Lima subsidiary was withdrawn from the air due to discrepancies between RBC and CRASA) the previous logo was used, adding the remaining letters to the channel's name.

2002-2003 (Arequipa) (closing)

The last logo of this channel was a television with red edges and a blue interior with two antennas in the red part and in the blue part, a white "A" appears and underneath, the name of the channel in blue and in Helvetica typeface.

In 2003 Austral Televisión finally came to an end. Frequency 11 of Lima is currently occupied by Viva TV (previously occupied by the emergency incarnation of RBC Television, OK TV and the second incarnation of RBC Television) and frequency 9 of Arequipa is currently occupied by ATV Sur (previously the frequency was occupied by Perú TV until its reopening as ATV Sur in 2011).

Canal Familiar
Austral Televisión
RBC Televisión (emergency transmission)
El Canal de Arequipa
Austral Televisión
Canal 9 Arequipa
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