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1985–1990 1991–1993 1993–1994 March-May 1994 June-November 1994 1994–1998
1985–1990 1991–1993 1993–1994 March-May 1994 June-November 1994 1994–1998
1998–2007 2007–2011 2011–2014 2014–2015 2015–2016 2016–present
1998–2007 2007–2011 2011–2014 2014–2015 2015–2016 2016–present

Azteca 7 is a Mexican television channel network operated and owned by TV Azteca since 1993. Started on May 15th 1985 as an IMEVISION channel putting the initial callsign name (XHIMT).

XHIMT-TV (Canal 7)


Red Nacional 7 Imevision.svg

Once inside Imevisión, channels 7 and 13 are renamed as Red Nacional 7 and 13, respectively; for that reason it was represented with a simple digit ‘7’ of Green color. In 1988, the digit 7 in Green was accompanied by a dove.


1991–September 1993

XHIMT Canal 7 (1991).svg

The Logo consists of a vertical rectangle of icing color tilted to the left, with a yellow loop arranged in a way that you can read a number 7. Since by those dates both channels still transmitted the same signal.

October 1993–1994

XHIMT Tu Visión 7 (1993).svg

When Imevisión was replaced by TV Azteca on August 2, 1993, the structure of the previous logo is maintained, now with 2 ties that formed the letters "T" and "U", on the right the word "Visión" with the letter "O" larger than the previous ones.

Tu Vision Canal Siete

March-May 1994

XHIMT-Tu Visión 7 (1994 March).svg

By March 1994, the logo formed by a blue square, outlined with green color (in some commercials, the logo was outlined in orange, and in others, it was not delineated). At the top of the square, the word "TU" was written; At the center of the square, a yellow horizontal rectangle was displayed, containing the word "VISIÓN" written in black. At the bottom of the blue box, the phrase "CANAL SIETE" was written below.


June-November 1994

XHIMT-TV 7 (1994 June).svg

With the name of that time, the logo represented the number six colors are inspired on the TV Azteca logo. The "TV 7" characters, is accommodated in the form of a cube, assuming a television and a rabbit antenna on it. The emblem opens during the ‘94 World Cup and identifies the channel until the end of November.


XHIMT-TV 7 (1994 November).svg

In October of 1994, the logo adopted as an emblem one modeled in two different types, the acronym "TV" in quadratic style while the digit 7 in graffiti style in metallic blue and slightly larger and rehilete. By November 1996, it changed its commercial name to TV Azteca, only on the channel identification curtain, the blue logo was surrounded by the words that repeated the words "TV 7 * TV AZTECA".

Azteca Siete



Logo Azteca 7 1998.svg

The first variant, it has been surrounded by the words "AZTECA • SIETE"; with the Futura font and with two points on the left and on the right that lasted until 2004. In the second variant adopts with a slogan "Siente Azteca 7" in 2001, and the third variant in 2006, it replaced with "El Canal de tu Selección".


Azteca 7 (2007).svg

The logo changed on January 2, 2007. It consists of a semi-square similar to that of 1998, with the three characteristic colors, in addition to animating the logo; in the case of his image, only the Spanish words "Azteca" and "Siete" that surrounded the logo disappeared at 2006 Holiday Season. Adopt the slogan "Abre Tu Mundo (Open your world)" To promote its motto, the channel adopts several sections with stylized themes and design for each section.

Azteca 7



Azteca 7 (2011 Print).svg

Since February 27, 2011, The Azteca 7 logo changes its image by its multitude of logo variations using a square balloon logo in the main color, and a number 7 stylized in secondary color which was used until 2014. Its motto was for "Te damos de qué hablar".


Azteca 7 (2014 Print).svg

From 2014, the secondary color was changed as a transparent "7", leaving the main color.


Azteca 7 (2015 Print).svg

From 2015 on, The wordmark is placed under the logo, which is redesigned by removing the box below the number 7 in the Gotham logo at the time.


Azteca 7 (2016 Blank).svg
Designer:  Steinbranding
Typography:  Supria Sans
Launched:  October 17, 2016

In 2016, all alternate variant logos are left unused, various logos use its interior with its creative design, also changing the typography of the word "azteca". The channel changes graphic design, with the theme named "Todo lo que tienes en la cabeza"; which consists of a grid with images alluding to the channel's productions (including The Simpsons, Sailor Moon, Manny Pacquiao, among others).