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1968–1969 1969–1974 1974–1985 1985–1990 1990–1991 1991–1993 April–October 1993
Mi tele 1993 XHDF1994 Canal 13 1996.1 Azt tv13.11 Xhdf1998 Aztecatrece2007 XHDF 2011
October–December 1993 1993–1994 1994–1997 1997–1998 1998–2007 2007–2011 2011–2014
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Azteca Uno is a Mexican television channel network operated and owned by TV Azteca since 1993. It was founded on September 1, 1968, by Grupo Radio Centro which eventually launched at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Mexico City on 12 of October. Thus, the XHDF signal was named after the name of the capital city at the time and made part of the Corporación Mexicana de Radio y Televisión S.A. de C.V as a private TV channel.

XHDF-TV (Canal 13)



Being part of the Corporación Mexicana de Radio y Televisión S.A. de C.V, the first logo was introduced a stylization of the number zero of the Mayan numbering system. In the upper arch, the word «CANAL» is presented; and below it, a number 13 in a black circle.


XHDF-TV 1969-1974

One year later, the logo change to one that was a simple number 13, within an inverted C within a normal C; as a square. This logo was still used after the channel becomes the Mexican Television Institute property in 1972.


Imagen107 13 3

Already being a government channel, it adopts a logo similar to the 1973's WNET. It consisted of a number 13 made in black and white, with typography similar to that used in the logo of the 1968 Summer Olympic Games. Between 1 and 3 the word "CANAL" was written, and under 13 was the word XHDF-TV. In other uses, the word "Televisión" was simply written in capital letters.


Red Nacional 13 Imevision

When the government company changed the name to "Imevisión", the TV Channel logo was a number 13 in violet-purple with the same typography of the company, above 13 it was written "National Network" in Spanish. Sometimes, they were seen with a headband over the number 13.


Fdbc1e83c5314594423bcfb3061cf587 1M

When Canal 7 ceased to transmit on their own in October 1990, it became its repeater station of Canal 13. With two sister channels, it became one single national network for three years.



The channels of Imevisión changed separately by their own logos, and Canal 13 introduces the logo on 9 of September 1991. Its logo was an irregularly shaped green number 13, in the upper left corner of the numbers 1 and 3 were five color stripes forming a small triangle (blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow), on the left side of 13 was written the word "CANAL" vertically and also green.

Canal 13 de Televisión Azteca

April–October 1993


In April of 1993, Grupo Salinas bought Imevisión, becoming a private TV channel once again, and it adapted the Televisión Azteca logo before the television company's foundation. It consisted of the stylized eagle with the gradients between blue, pink, and orange, and its peak consisted of a white gradient on a blue color. The logo was designed by Javier García Rivera as much as the television company as its channel. The wordmark was placed under the symbol, the callsign, and the Spanish words "CANAL 13" too.

Mi Tele

October–December 1993

Mi tele 1993

Already owned by TV Azteca and split with its sister channel back, the name was changed to "Mi Tele" for nine months. The short-lived logo was a black rectangle tilted to the left. Inside there is a square of Navy blue in the upper left corner (with the design of the previous Imevisión logo), and on top was written the word "Mi" in lowercase and handwritten, and in the lower right corner, the word "TELE" is written with the font typography Times New Roman. At the foot of the logo was written "Canal TRECE XHDF".

December 1993–1994


Another short-lived logo for seven months was a square of black color. Inside the square, there was an M on the left and green and on the side the blue I, and the point of the yellow i. Below the Spanish word "Mi" was a rectangle of its tone in which, the word "TELE" is written in black, and below it was written "CANAL TRECE".

Canal Trece


Canal 13 1996.1

In July of 1994, the channel adopts a logo which consists of a number 13 in the Mayan numbering system in various colors; green, blue, purple, red, and yellow irregularly and with a 90 ° turn to the right; which was transformed into the TV Azteca logo with a stylized eagle at the end of the TV Ident. The words "CANAL" in upper case and "TRECE" in lower case with a typeface similar to Courier New. The "Mayan 13 logo" lasted 17 years using the symbol with several changes. By the beginning of 1996, it changed its commercial name to TV Azteca.

TV 13


Azt tv13.11

In January 1997, the channel changed its name to TV 13, which caused a renewal of the logo. The "Mayan 13 logo" was surrounded by the two phrases «TV 13 • TV AZTECA» both upwards and downwards in each position.

Azteca Trece



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The name of the channel changed again on March 30, 1998, now under the name of Azteca Trece. The "Mayan 13 logo" was surrounded by the words «AZTECA • TRECE», with the Futura font and with two dots on the left and on the right.



On May 2, 2007, the Azteca Trece logo was renewed along with the premiere of its telenovela "Mientras haya vida". The geometric shapes of the "Mayan 13 logo" were simply three-dimensional, enclosing it in a beveled metallic ring of navy blue with Aztec and Mayan details. Its identification slogan was: "Vive la Tele". This logo was displayed on the screen in the upper right corner, and it was animated every so often.


XHDF 2011

On June 25, 2011, the stylized eagle of Televisión Azteca was adopted as the channel logo, simply adding underneath the name spelled in lowercase, after the changes of Azteca 7.



El Trece Azteca

On August 16, 2014, the channel renews its image and adopts the Spanish word "trece" as a logo in a small white cursive typeface, using the font "Font Family Museum" as a general design.


AztecaTrece 2015

On August 31, 2015, the animation of the logo changes like its curtains, and the Spanish word "Azteca", in the same typeface used for the television logo, is placed on top of the word "Trece". The on-screen logo is shown in the upper right corner.

October–December 2016

AztecaTrece 2016

On October 5, 2016, the "Trece" wordmark became smaller and above it says the word "Azteca" and the left side has the TV Azteca logo.


Azteca Trece 2016-2018

Weeks later, the "Trece" wordmark gets smaller and is located on the right side, and the word "Azteca" became bigger. On October 22, 2017, the animation is added to the on-screen logo in which the word “Trece” is changed to “Uno” (same in the TV Idents), this refers to the location it has due to the official virtual frequency, which is number 1.1 in Digital TV nationwide. This was the last year when TV Azteca branded as channel 13, finishing the 49-year-lifespan of the channel, and switching to channel 1.

Azteca Uno



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In the first moments of January 1, 2018, the name changed officially and with it, a new logo is presented, which consists of the TV Azteca logo on the left side, followed by the words "Azteca Uno", which present Avenir typeface, one completely different from the one that had been used for years.

January 1, 2020–present


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The wordmark "Azteca" was removed when 2020 arrived and left only the wordmark "uno" in lowercase next to the TV Azteca logo. The wordmark is a Suprema Extra Bold by Artega.

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