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BBC America launched on March 29, 1998 and this logo has been used since its launch. Originally, it used the "Balloon" ident set from BBC One.

In 2005, new idents featured union jacks and an otherwise black and white color scheme. On January 17, 2007, BBC America introduced a new look, featuring a big bold "bull-a" logo. The new look was created by mOcean and it was short-lived. New idents were launched a few months later, as the "bull-a" was judged too similar to ABC's logo. Once again, same idents as BBC One, but this time using the ones from the 2006 set.

As of December 2015, BBC America introduced a new alternate logo with the "AMERICA" text re-positioned to fit within a square. On April 25, 2021, the alternate logo introduced in 2015 is now used as the screen bug as part of a rebranding designed by BigStar and BigSmall. A new slogan was also introduced with the rebrand: "Brit-ish".

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