1997 (prototype)

Bbc choice 1997
In 1997, The BBC was having a big corporate rebrand to all its channel and an upcoming channel that would launch in 1998 (BBC Choice), A prototype logo appeared in Martin Lambie-Nairn's video on the new corporation's logo. This logo never made it to the BBC until 1998, when the logo was updated to appeal to the BBC's branding that was launched one year before.


BBC Choice

BBC Choice was the BBC's main exclusive entertainment channel. It launched on 23 September 1998, but it closed at 6 PM on 9 February 2003, due to the launch of BBC Three. A new set of idents were introduced to the channel during 2000 with the short-lived 'Hearts' idents (of which the previous set also had an ident which featured 'Hearts'), then again in 2001 with the 'Blocks' idents.

BBC Choice
BBC Three
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