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BBC 1 Wales (first era)


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BBC One Wales officially launched on the 9th of February 1964. The BBC kept using the globe across the network, and Wales would not officially have its own regional ident until 1968. Before 1964, regional newscasts for Wales were done by BBC West, headquartered in Bristol. Idents were made for the Wales region for this occasion.


BBC 1 Ident 1966 A.jpg

BBC 1 Cymru Wales


The BBC's globe ident was also used alongside a new ident, made specifically for the Wales region.


BBC Cymru Wales


BBC 1 1974 Wales.jpg

In 1974, BBC Wales decided to incorporate the "Cymru Wales" branding into the globe itself.


BBC 1 1981 Wales.jpg

BBC Wales

The 'BBC Cymru' branding was dropped because of the launch of S4C.

1982-1985, 2015

In 2015, an HD remastered throwback variation was used preceding Wales in the Eighties (2015) on BBC One Wales.

BBC 1 Wales (second era)


BBC 1 1985 Wales.jpg

BBC Wales on 1


Bbc1 wales closedown1992b.jpg

First version of the logo used between 1991-94.

BBC 1 1994 Wales.jpg

Revised logo used from 1994-97.

BBC 1 1996 Wales & West.jpg

A special ident for coverage of the opening of the Second Severn Crossing on 5 June 1996.

BBC One Wales


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BBC One Wales 2002.svg


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