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1999–2001 2001–2004 2004–2008 2008–2015 2015–2021 2021–present

BBC Text


BBC Text (1999).svg

BBC Text was launched on 23 September 1999 as a digital interactive television by the BBC, and a replace of Ceefax, the analog teletext service.



BBCi logo 2002.svg

BBCi launched in November 2001, as a brand for the BBC interactive services, namely the website, interactive television, and digital teletext services, it is still used on the BBC podcasts. The logo was created by Lambie-Nairn.


BBCi logo.svg

In 2004, the logo was updated, featuring the 'i' symbol appearing in a red circle. The website was rebranded as bbc.co.uk (later renamed 'BBC Online') at the same time. Also, at the same time, the on-screen graphics were given a slight refresh, and BBCi was given usable page numbers for each page on the service.

BBC Red Button


BBC Red Button.svg

Towards the end of 2008, BBCi was given a rename to BBC Red Button, and the on-screen graphics and page numbers remained the same as they were since 2004. Later, in October 2009, the BBC News Multi-screen was removed from the service on Freeview, and the versions on other platforms were scheduled to remove in 2012 to make way for the new Connected TV Service.


BBC Red Button 2015.svg

At the same time this logo was introduced in 2015, the on-screen graphics were given a refresh for the first time in 11 years, and the page numbers still remain the same as before.

In September 2019, the BBC announced that the Red Button service would be discontinued in 2020, ending 45 years of text content delivery via TV broadcast.

On January 29th 2020 BBC announced that the switch-off was suspended. [1]


BBC Red Button 2021.svg
BBC Ceefax
BBC Red Button