1997–2019 2019-2022 2022–present
1997–2019 2019-2022 2022–present

The first BBC Weather Forecast aired on radio on 14 November 1922, and the daily forecast first aired on 26 March 1923. The first bulletin was then aired in 1936.


BBC Weather 1997.svg

Before this logo was launced, they just used a regular BBC logo. This BBC Weather logo was introduced in October 1997, but wasn't seen on-screen in the forecasts themselves until 2000.

The service introduced 3D weather maps and globes in May 2005.


BBC Weather 2019.svg

As the BBC is slowly changing from Gill Sans to BBC Reith, BBC Weather adopted the font on its logo and graphics in June 2019 replacing Gill Sans. This logo is still used on-screen after BBC Weather unveiled a new logo on the mobile app.


BBC Weather 2021 (Alt).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  BBC Reith Sans
Launched:  April 2022 (online)
9 May 2022 (mobile app)