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BBC World Service Television was from the BBC's subscription-funded entertainment service, which replaced BBC TV Europe on 11 March 1991 at 19:00 GMT. Like BBC TV Europe, it was a mix of BBC1 and BBC2 but showed specially commissioned BBC World Service News Europe bulletins in place of the BBC's domestic ones. The BBC World Service News Europe studio looked like the BBC's domestic news, though with different graphics and on-screen logo.

BBC World Service Television was launched in Asia via STAR TV Network platform as BBC WSTV in 1991. This channel was a 24 hour news, information and current affairs service, similar to what BBC World has become in 1995 as it doesn't carry BBC's entertainment shows unlike its European counterpart so instead these are being carried on STAR TV's general entertainment channel, STAR Plus. This channel was pulled from Northeast Asia regions in 1994 but STAR TV continued to carry BBC WSTV (later rebranded as BBC World in 1995) to the rest of Asia until March 31, 1996.


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A new look was adopted in 1994, shortly before BBC World Service Television was relaunched as BBC World on 26 January 1995.

On 26 January 1995, the European version was split into 2 channels: BBC Prime (now BBC Entertainment) and BBC World (now BBC World News) while its Asian version receives the BBC World name while keeping its same format.

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