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1951–1995 1995–1997 1997–2000 2000–2011 2011–2019 2019–present
1951–1995 1995–1997 1997–2000 2000–2011 2011–2019 2019–present

BBVA Perú is the Peruvian subsidiary of the Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, also known as BBVA.

Banco Continental


BBVA Peru 1951.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ITC Grouch

BBVA Peru was inaugurated in 1951 with the name of Banco Continental and its first logo was a ring circle with a silhouette of South America also in gold color cut by the letters "BANCO CONTINENTAL" in ITC Grouch typeface in gold color and on the right, the same name, but in the left position and also in gold color.


BBVA Peru 1995.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Rotis Semi Sans

In 1995, with the purchase and privatization of the bank at the hands of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya (BBV), now known as Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), the globe was modified, now formed by a circle and the continent of South America now formed by seven horizontal white lines and below, the name "Banco Continental" in Rotis Semi Sans typeface in blue.

BBV Banco Continental


BBVA Peru 1997.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Rotis Semi Sans

In 1997, the logo was modified, eliminating the globe showing South America and replacing to the left the logo of the bank with the BBVA logo (then BBV) of that time, without the stars or the full name of the Spanish bank, surrounded by a blue square.

BBVA Banco Continental


BBVA Peru 2000.png
Designer:  Cros & Machín[1]
Typography:  Rotis Semi Sans

With the merger of Argentaria with BBV and its subsequent change of name to BBVA, the logo was modified, with the new acronym and with the blue square stretching to a semi-rectangle.

BBVA Continental


BBVA Peru 2011.png

In 2011, the word "Banco" was removed from the name to simply be called BBVA Continental.

Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Stag Sans

The logo was modified slightly, the blue semi-rectangle of the logo was removed and the word "Continental" happens to have a typography similar to Stag Sans and with the slightly modified blue tone, occasionally shown with six squares of blue tones that form a rectangle, BBVA alternative institutional logo.



BBVA 2019.svg
Designer:  BBVA in-house team (logo)
Landor Associates
Typography:  Custom-designed

In 2019, with the corporate image unification of BBVA, the logo was changed and renamed BBVA Peru, with the same logo used by its matrix (BBVA with the last two arrow-shaped letters)

The new name and logo was officially introduced on 10th June 2019.[2]


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