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1980–1989 1989–2001 2001–2005 2005–2011 2011–present 2021 (tentative)
1980–1989 1989–2001 2001–2005 2005–2011 2011–present 2021 (tentative)


BET 1980s.png
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On January 25, 1980, BET was launched as Black Entertainment Television. Contrary to what most people think, BET launched on the Madison Square Garden Network (now USA Network), not Nickelodeon. It was because both BET and Nick are owned by ViacomCBS now that some people misremembered and added it to BET's Wikipedia page.


BET (1993).svg

In 1989, Black Entertainment Television removed its full name and started going by its acronym.


BET (2001).svg

In 2001, the logo was altered slightly by straightening up the letters, making other alterations to them (such as reducing the spaces within the letters and redrawing the T significantly to account for its re-adjustment) and filling out the star.



BET (2005).svg
Designer:  Push Creative
Click 3X
Typography:  Unknown

This overhauled logo was introduced in January 2005 when the network celebrated its 25th birthday. [1] Push Creative and Click 3X were behind the redesign.[2]


BET (2010).svg

2021 (tentative)


This logo is seen in the graphic elements of the BET Awards 2021.

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