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BFM TV is one of the most popular 24-hour TV news channels in France. Its competitors include La Chaîne Info, CNews and the publicly-owned Franceinfo. It is owned by Altice, which also owns the SFR telecom network. The main focus of the news channel is primarily to 24 hour breaking news coverage, while its sister news channel, BFM Business, is primarily to financial news, in an alignment with that of CNBC. The acronym stands for "Business FM," where its FM station had its origins.


2004–2005 (prelaunch) 2005–2016 2016–2019 2019–present
2004–2005 (prelaunch) 2005–2016 2016–2019 2019–present

2004–2005 (prelaunch)

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BFM TV Logo.png


BFM TV 2019.jpg

BFM TV underwent a minor rebrand in 2019, replacing the orange square with a white one from its logo.

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