Bt2 old

The Bulgarian National Televison has made a brand new channel called BT 2. Also known as Bulgarian Television 2. The Channel first launched

in 9th September, 1975

Efir 2


Efir 2 1993

Serious changes in the Bulgarian Television began in the spring of 1992, after the election of Assen Agov as General Director. Since 1 June 1992, the First Program has been renamed to Channel 1, and the Second Program is called "Efir 2". Between the two TV channels of the only television in Bulgaria, an internal competition of the news broadcasts and the program activity was born. The leadership of the first program is entrusted to Stefan Dimitrov, second program - to Neri Terzieva, and the sports editing - to Sasho Dikov.     In the 1990s, the team of Efir 2 successfully imposed innovative practices on Bulgarian television - with the ambition to be made as a journalistic television with different news, with the advantage of live broadcasts, cultural columns, different sports and show programs. Efir 2 remains in history as the first attempt for a new type of television - author, witness, non-kaon, different.     The first original shows on Efir 2 are the three-hour audience block Ochevditsi, led live by new faces with known radio voices, Shock - an author's surreal to Svetoslava Staeva (today Tadarakova), "Beyond the title" with Petko Georgiev, "Marathon "with Sasho Dikov," Ah, these muzzle "with Ekaterina Genova


Efir 2

In October 1993, Efir 2 made a new logo and a package. This package is used for Efir 2 until the end of May 2000.

In the end of May 2000, 10:10 PM, Efir 2 goes Bye Bye with a movie called Efir 2 - a photo for a memory.

After the movie, Efir 2 had 40 minutes of broadcasting left. When the 40 minutes are up, Efir 2 shut down.

But in the beginning of June 2000, bTV Started it's broadcasting.



BNT 2 (2011)

On 16th October, 2011, 12:30 AM, The Bulgarian National Television network made a brand new channed which is returning as a rebooted channel. The rebooted channel is called BNT 2.

On 30 September 2013 all analogue transmitters are excluded and BNT 2 is fully digital ground broadcast in the national multiplex of BNT. The program becomes non-stop and unified, with no regional versions. The morning block alternates 20-minute modules at each of the regional centers, the same news is broadcast on Bulgaria News at 19:30 and Bulgaria 21:00. Every day the news is led by a different city, alternating 7-minute regional modules, sports news containing reports from across the country, the weather forecast is also common.


BNT 2 2018

On September 10th, 2018, BNT 2 and its sister channels gained a new look. The redesign of the new Bulgarian National Television package is used on the channels on the same day.


The BNT 2 Logo with a white rectangle used on the actual website.

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