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1920–1930 1930–1947 1947–1961 1961–1989 1989–2000 2000–present
1920–1930 1930–1947 1947–1961 1961–1989 1989–2000 2000–present


BP Logo 2.png


BP Logo 3.png

Designed by AR Saunders.


BP Logo 4.png


BP Logo 5.png

Designed by Raymond Loewy.


BP (Old).svg

This updated shield logo was introduced in 1989 as part of a new corporate image. It features a lighter shade of green and the new image had more focus on the colour green than its predecessor. The letters "BP" were also italicized. Designed by Siegel & Gale.



In response to negative press on British Petroleum's poor safety standards, BP introduced a brand new corporate logo in March 2000, marking an end to the familiar shield design that had been used since 1930. The company adopted a green sunburst logo known as the "Helios" symbol designed by Landor Associates, symbolizing the Sun's energy referencing the Greek god, while being rebranded as BP ("Beyond Petroleum") plc.

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