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Rytų Lietuvos televizija



BTV Lithuania was originally launched on January 13th, 1991 as Rytų Lietuvos televizija (also known as RLTV).

Baltijos Televizija


120px-BTV 1996

On April 9, 1993, RLTV was relaunched as Baltijos televizija (also known as BTV Lithuania). At the same time, it introduced a new logo which is based on a golden pinwheel.

BTV Televizija


BTV (Lithuania) 1993-2002

On September 1, 1997, Baltijos Televizija was renamed to BTV Televizija and adopted a new logo though it drops the golden pinwheel from the logo and were instead replaces it instead with a blue umbrella.

By May 31, 2002, BTV Televizija was closed down when TV4 Lithuania stole its frequencies.

TV4 Lithuania


TV 4 stare
This logo was used from June 1st, 2002 to September 16th, 2004. It used the same logo like the Polish version.

BTV Lithuania


Btv 1993

On September 17, 2004, BTV Televizija was revived, and were relaunched after two years of suspension, thus it changes its name to BTV Lithuania. Because of that, it retains the old umbrella logo, but it will now be crossed out to turn into a snowflake-star.



On September 30, 2011, the blue snowflake-star was confined to history and were replaced by a new logo in favour of a blue flower which is the same as the previous logo. With this logo, BTV Lithuania started its new season along with new programmes.



On September 29, 2014, BTV Lithuania was rebranded again with another new logo and the flower was removed by leaving it only with the "BTV" wordmark.


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