1916–1926 1926–194? 194?–1967 1967–1994 1994–2012 2012–2018 2018–present
1916–1926 1926–194? 194?–1967 1967–1994 1994–2012 2012–2018 2018–present

BT (stylised as B.T.) is a national daily newspaper in Denmark; published in a tabloid format, the paper offers general news about various subjects such as sports, politics and current affairs.


Old version of B.T.'s 1916 logo

BT was founded on August 31, 1916 by Henry Hellesen. Its first logo consisted of the "B.T." wordmark which uses a typeface inspired by Latin American stamps.


BT 1920s

On August 31, 1926, in order to celebrate its 10th birthday, the logo was straightly modified with the emblem being re-modified as well as a thinner wordmark.


BT 1940s

In the 1940s, the whole logo turned red.


BT 1960s

Starting in 1967, the emblem was removed from the logo, leaving only the wordmark.


BT classic

The final update of the 1916 logo came into force in 1994 by showing the logo making the dots turn into squared dots instead of rounded dots, and finally on 29 March 2012, this logo was discontinued after 95 years of usage.


BT 2012

On March 29, 2012, BT introduced a new logo for the first time of 95 years as the dots were removed from the logo and a typeface change, thus the wordmark is now put inside a red rectangle.


BT logo

On June 6, 2018, BT revived its classic 1994 logo with some minor changes. This logo was unveiled along with major revamp of its website.

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