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Baby Einstein (first era)


Baby Einstein.svg

Unfortunately, the font for this logo is unknown. The company started as a baby and children's toy brand, and the first logo had a baby's face with glasses in black and a colourful strange font (although it looks like a child wrote it). Then started making DVDs. This logo was mostly used on VHS, DVD, CD, and Cassette Titles and Covers until 2007.

The Baby Einstein Company


The Baby Einstein Company.svg

In 1998, the logo had added some new features. The logo included the word the at the top and company at the bottom. And in the same year, an intro was introduced with the new logo and a catterpillar. Although the previous logo was still used on VHS, DVD, CD, and Cassette Titles and Covers alongside this logo until 2007.

Baby Einstein (second era)


3d BE logoFinal-Update-07-15-08-copy-300x300.jpg

In 2007, the logo included a blue box around the logo as part of it, and a Disney logo at the top.

In 2013, the word Disney was dropped as the company is no longer owned by Disney. This logo is still used in some products.


Baby Einstein 2013.svg

In 2013, the logo had more thick and classic font and the face was changed. The box was removed.

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