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1973–1977 1977–1978 1978–1981 1981–1986

Not to be confused with BBC Two, which is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation (often shortened to BBC) was a Philippine television network that began operations on November 4, 1973 and ceased transmission on March 20, 1986.

Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ITC Avant Garde Bold, Bauhaus Regular
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On September 23, 1972, when ABS-CBN was forcibly shut down as a result of martial law, the BBC was launched on November 4, 1973. Its first logo was a red-cyan-green foreground with its circular arcs below and the 'bbc' initials in compressed ITC Avant Garde Bold above and number '2' logo in Bauhaus Regular font below inside its shape logo.


Bbc21977 bak.jpg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Bauhaus Regular
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In 1977, BBC-2 updated their logo. The initials 'bbc,' this time, were compressed in Bauhaus Regular connected on upper left arc of number '2' heavy-bold logo.


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Franklin Gothic Heavy

The last logo was a quadrilateral shape containing its blue & red sides and number '2' logo in Franklin Gothic Heavy with its low-size high distant dark shadow in zero-degree angle in the middle shape and the 'BBC' initials in an extended Franklin Gothic Heavy in the right shape.

City2 Television


9038621658 6957f4722c.jpg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ITC Avant Garde Bold
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In 1981, BBC-2 rebranded to City2 Television as part of its plan to make the network more competitive in terms of programming. The City2 logo shows the 'city2' text in low compressed ITC Avant Garde Bold with its same straight strokes outside.

City2 ended operations on March 20, 1986 at the height of the People Power Revolution along with RPN and IBC (temporarily), after reformist soldiers disabled the transmitter that was broadcasting then-president Marcos' inauguration from the Malacañang Palace. Upon Corazon Aquino's subsequent accession to the presidency, BBC, RPN and IBC (collectively known as "Broadcast City") were sequestered and placed under the management of a Board of Administrators tasked to operate and manage its business and affairs subject to the control and supervision of Presidential Commission on Good Government. DWWX-TV was relaunched as ABS-CBN on September 14 the same year, as well as its Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo and Tacloban affiliate stations.

ABS-CBN (1953–1972)
Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation
ABS-CBN (1986–2020)
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