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Banco del Estado de Chile, commercially operating under the brand BancoEstado, is the only Public Bank in Chile and was created by government decree in 1953. It provides financial services to consumers and companies, with a focus on national coverage in terms of geography and social sectors and a particular emphasis on the unbanked and small and medium enterprises, although it serves all types of businesses. It is the country's largest mortgage lender and largest issuer of debit cards.

Banco del Estado de Chile


Bancoestado building

During this era the bank didn't count with a cohesive branding (the only common factor was the building). Many logos introduced during this era were used across multiple of its products.[1] Sometimes just the wordmark (with any typography) was used.

Banco del Estado 1989

Between 1989 and 1990 a minimalist logo appeared in some advertisings.

Banco del Estado



The bank introduced a shortened version of its logo, intended to be the main logo. However, all of the previous logos were still in use.




In 2001 BancoEstado adopted its nowadays name, and a streamlined branding across all of its offices, designed by Chilean agency IMAX Branding[2].



On 19 August 2019, BancoEstado updated their logo, making some changes to its design.


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BancoEstado (Chile)
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