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Band Logo 1967 Bandeirantes logo 1967 Bandeirantes logo 1980 Band 1982 color Band sun logo Rede Bandeirantes logo 1989
1966 (pre-launch) 1967-1980 1980-1982 1982-1989 1988 1989-1990
Band logo 1989 Band logo 1993 Band logo 1994 Rede Bandeirantes 1995 Rede Bandeirantes 1997 Rede Bandeirantes 1999
1990-1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 1996-1997 1997-1999 1999-2002
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2002-2007 2007-2010 2010-2011 2011-2018 2018-present


1966 (pre-launch)

Band Logo 1967


Bandeirantes logo 1967


Bandeirantes logo 1980


Bandeirantes logo 1982 color

Band 1982 color

Logo varition with wordmark


Band sun logo

During 1988, Bandeirantes unveiled a new logo that was used during a short period of time. It is believed this logo was unveiled as a part of the Verão Vivo campaign in late 1987 to early 1988.



Rede Bandeirantes logo 1989

In 1989, Rede Bandeirantes introduced a new design to their logo that would be used until today. The logo shares a similar design to the CBS logo. The first version of the eye logo, consisted of three colored layers: Black, White and Red, reffering to the flag of State of São Paulo, home of the network.


Band logo


Band logo 1989

In the following year, the logo suffered some tweaks: the former white area became an empty space, the black one is now silver, and the red circle is presented as a sphere.

Band logo 1993

Band logo 1994

In 1993, Bandeirantes' name was shortened to Band. This logo replaced temporarily the eye symbol on the on-air look.

Rede Bandeirantes 1995
Rede Bandeirantes 1997
Rede Bandeirantes 1999


Band logo 2002
Bandeirantes logo svg

Logo varition with wordmark

In 2002, Band received a major change to their logo which would be used for another 16 years. The colors were changed, dropping the red and black colors and replacing them with 2 of the colors of the Brazilian flag, which are yellow and green. Starting in 2005, this was used as a flat logo and it still used on some idents until 2018.

Rede Bandeirantes 2007

Band con wordmark

Logo varition with wordmark


In 2010 (until 2018), Band received a major change to their logo, making the logo more glossier and shinier - with a texture resembling Globo logo from 2008. From this on-air look, the logo's circle is no longer an sphere and now is represented by a concave disc.


Band logo 2018

In 2018, Band received a modified logo with the eye being coloured silver.

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