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1967–1981 1981–1982 1982–1989 1989–1990 1990–1993 1993–1994
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1994–1995 1995–1996 1995–1996 (secondary); 1996 (main) 1996–1997 1997–1999 1999–2002
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2002–2007 2007–2010 2010–2011 2011–2018 2018–present

Rede Bandeirantes, better known as Band, is one of the five largest television networks in Brazil, along with Rede Globo, RecordTV, SBT and RedeTV!. It is the flagship property of Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação.

Band uses an eye as its logo, similar to domestic competitor Globo, as well as CBS in the United States.

Rede/TV Bandeirantes

1967–1981 (primary), 1967-1988 (secondary)

Bandeirantes logo 1967.svg


Bandeirantes logo 1980.svg


Bandeirantes logo 1982 color.png

Logo varition with wordmark


Band logo.svg


Rede Bandeirantes logo 1989.svg

In 1988, Rede Bandeirantes introduced a new design to their logo that would be used until today. The logo shares a similar design to the CBS logo. The first version of the eye logo, consisted of three colored layers: Black, White and Red, reffering to the flag of the state of São Paulo, the home of the network.

1990 (Only for 2-3 months)

Logopedia Info.svg

For a very short time in 1990 the name was shortened to "Ban" to match othes services like "Video Ban" and "Disco Ban", but the public did not like the name change and thought the name did not reflect the station very well. And so, the name reverted to Bandeirantes.

Ban is so similar to Ban Hammer.

1990–1993 & 1996-2002 (primary), 1993-1996 (secondary)

Band logo 1989.svg

In the following year, the logo suffered some tweaks: the former white area became an empty space, the black one is now silver, and the red circle is presented as a sphere.


Band logo 1993.svg


In 1993, there was another attempt to shorten the name, this time to "Band", as its director made to its radio counterpart. It was successful and was shown by itself without the eye logo for a short time.


Band logo 1994.svg


Band logo 1995.svg


Rede Bandeirantes 1995.png
Band logo 1996.png


Band logo 1997.png
Rede Bandeirantes 1999.png


Band logo 2002.svg

Logo varition with wordmark

Coinciding with the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the eye logo colors were changed, replacing the red and silver colors with green and yellow - two of the Brazilian flag colors -, respectively.

Rede Bandeirantes 2007.png

Logo variation with wordmark


The logo got more glossier and shinier - with a texture resembling the TV Globo logo from 2008. From this change, the logo's circle is no longer an sphere and now is represented by a concave disc on the on-air look.


Band isotipo 2018.svg

In 2018, Band dropped the Brazilian flag colors, being replaced by a silver color.

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