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1950–1961 1961–1978 1978–2006, 2005–present (secondary)
1950–1961 1961–1978 1978–2006, 2005–present (secondary)

Bandai is a Japanese toy company and the former video game company, founded on 5 of July 1950 by Naoharu Yamashina located in Taitō, Tokyo. It is the largest producer of toys in Japan, and third in the world after Mattel and Hasbro. Also, it is a Tokusatsu and Anime producer for some company divisions.



Bandai started as a simple toy logo. It featured with a white toy action figure logo inside of the red rounded square. Its wordmark was overlined and underlined located under the toy symbol.



Later in 1961, the square was removed and the toy pieces formed together as a red silhouette. The wordmark was changed either, and it was located across the toy silhouette.

1978–2006, 2005–present (secondary)


Then in 1978, the toy symbol was replaced with the red square, and the wordmark was split in twain as a syllabus-stacked wordmark inside of the red square logo.

In 2005, Bandai merged with Namco to become Bandai Namco Holdings. In 2006, Namco and Bandai's videogame operations merged into Bandai Namco Games Inc. (later known as Bandai Namco Entertainment). It was still in use on the official website, toy box packagings, and in-screen credits in audiovisual materials.

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