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Bande à part was the name of a website, a radio show on Radio-Canada and Sirius Satellite Radio station in Canada, active from 1996 to 2013, that were devoted primarily to French Canadian arts and music.

Operated by the Société Radio-Canada (SRC), Bande à part was the French counterpart to CBC Radio 3. Bande à part also broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 87. Some of its content also aired as a late-night program on Espace musique, and the service produced a weekly podcast and several Internet radio streams, each devoted to a particular genre of music.

The service was discontinued in May 2013, with its content and staff integrated into  espace.mu, Radio-Canada's online music streaming service. Its space on Sirius XM was taken over by Sonica, an adult album alternative stream produced by CBC Music. At the same time, two new channels, Influence Franco and Attitude Franco, launched to broadcast artists who had been part of Bande à part's playlist. Several past staffers of the station went on to create parlabande.fm, an unaffiliated music blog which seeks to serve as a promotional venue for independent music in Quebec.


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Replaced in Sirius XM Satellite Radio by CBC Music Sonica.

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