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El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II


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BPI was established on August 1, 1851 as the "El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II" (lit. 'The Spanish-Filipino Bank of Isabel II'), named after the queen of Spain, Isabella II, the daughter of King Ferdinand VII. It was the first government bank in the Philippines and the third Philippine bank during the Spanish era. The coat of arms logo was given to it by Queen Isabel II.

Bank of the Philippine Islands

1912–1981 (Continuing from 1912)

Bpi old logo.png

The bank was renamed Bank of the Philippine Islands in 1912, but it maintained its coat of arms logo.


Bpi full name logo.png

After over 13 decades of having used the same logo for almost all its existence, BPI modernized and simplified its logo in 1981: the crown inside the seal was replaced by the bank's initials, BPI. It also adopted Palatino for its typeface.


IMG 20190503 151701.jpg

The logo was slightly modified in 2009: the red rectangle encasing the seal was removed and the Palatino typeface of the previous logo was replaced by FF Dax.


Bank of the Philippine Islands logo.svg

Once more, the logo gained another facelift: the seal was further simplified and the typeface was again replaced, now by Zurich.

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