Bear Brand is a powdered milk drink brand introduced in 1976, which is owned by Nestlé. It is available in most areas of Southeast Asia. Bear Brand was marketed under the brand name Marca Oso, which is Spanish for "Bear Brand". The brand's Indonesian name is Susu Cap Beruang. Bear Brand is also a sterilized milk brand. In 2014, a consumer research firm ranked Bear Brand milk as No. 6 among the top 50 "most popular fast-moving consumer goods" in the Philippines.


6.BearBrand,35 copy
SwissMilk Bear Brand

Bear Brand Sterilized first appeared as Bear Brand Swiss Milk or Marca Oso.

1967–1990 (sterilized)

Bear brand 1930's

The logo was modified in 1967, and the tsupon was removed in sterilized milk.


Bear Brand sweetened 1976 logo
Bear brand 1976

In 1976, the launch of the Bear Brand Powdered Milk included the bear with a cub and the wordmark.


Bear Brand 1990's


Bear Brand 2000

In 1996, the bears refreshed with a cartoony look in a shield appeared.

2004–present (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia)


Nestlé Bear Brand logo with Baby Bear 2004
Bear Brand Thai without Nestle 2004

In other parts of Southeast Asia, the logo of Bear Brand is circle.


Nestle Bear Brand 2011
Nestle Bear Brand Thailand 2011

In 2011, the circle logo is improved.

2004–2011 (Milk), 2004–2016 (Sterilized)


Nestle Bear Brand logo 2004.svg

Logo with a baby bear is changed to the shield from a upper logo of Bear Brand. Also used this logo in Malaysia, and some others.


Nestle Bear Brand Logo 2009

The logo was modified, the logo in 2009 is changed to glass from with baby bear. The baby bear was removed due to milk controversy in Laos.

2011–present (Milk), 2016–present (Sterilized)


Nestle Bear Brand logo 2011

The shield logo is improved, it is a new logo of Nestle Dairy.


Nestle Bear Brand 2015

The font of this current logo is Arial or Helvetica.

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