Bego TV was the first channel 11 of the Lima capital, founded by Augusto Belmont Bar in 1966 and ended in 1973 by the Velasco regime. Years later, the abandoned headquarters of the channel would be acquired by his son, Ricardo Belmont Casinelli, to organize his campaign and launch the first incarnation of RBC Televisión.


Bego TV Canal 11
The first logo of this incarnation of Channel 11 was an "11" in an extravagant Roman typeface and underneath, the name "Bego TV", which shares the same typeface as the number. After being confiscated by Velasco, the channel's headquarters (in La Victoria) was abandoned until 1983, when the headquarters was returned to the Belmonts to launch RBC Televisión in 1986.

Bego TV
RBC Televisión (1986-1996)
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