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Bidding & Interim


Beijing 2008 Olympic bid logo

The applicant city bid logo for Beijing was unveiled on December 11, 1999. Beijing was declared as a candidate city on July 3 2000, and in due course added the Olympic Rings. Beijing awarded the games on July 13, 2001.



2008 Summer Olympics logo

The contest to create the official logo for the Olympics was launched on January 4, 2003. The logo for Beijing 2008 was officially unveiled on August 3, 2003 during a ceremony in Beijing. It is called "Dancing Beijing" and depicts the Chinese character "jing" (京) against a red background, stylized to look like a dancing or running person. The character "jing" is the second half of the name Beijing and means "capital". Also, the Chinese character on the logo also looks like "wen" (文) which means the "Humanities Olympics".



In 2005, the mascots were introduced during a event marking the 1000th day before the opening of the games. The mascots were named the Fuwa, (or internationally, the Friendlies until 2006) the characters were popular with Chinese children before and during the Games. Their names are Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini; whose first syllable forms the Chinese phrase "Běijīng huānyíng nǐ" meaning "Beijing Welcomes You".



2008 Summer Paralympics logo


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