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Bidding & Interim


Beijing 2008 Olympic bid logo.svg

The applicant city bid logo for Beijing was unveiled on 11 December 1999. Beijing was declared as a candidate city on 3 July 2000, and added the Olympic Rings in due course. The city was awarded the games on 13 July 2001.



2008 Summer Olympics logo.svg
Designer:  Guo Chunning
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  3 August 2003

The contest to create the official logo for the 2008 Olympics was launched on 4 January 2003. The winning design, created by Guo Chunning and officially named "Dancing Beijing", was unveiled at a ceremony at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on 3 August 2003. It depicts the Chinese character "jing" (京) against a red background, stylized to look like a dancing or running person. The character "jing" is the second half of the name Beijing, and means "capital"; it also slightly resembles the character "wen" (文), which means the "Humanities Olympics".



2008 Summer Paralympics logo.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Late-2004

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