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The 2022 Winter Olympics (officially the XXIV Olympic Winter Games) and 2022 Winter Paralympics (officially the XIII Paralympic Winter Games), a.k.a. Beijing 2022, were two international multi-sport events that took place respectively from 4 to 20 February 2022 and 4 to 13 March 2022 in Beijing, China. In hosting these events, Beijing holds the unique distinction of being the first city to host both Winter and Summer versions of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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Designer:  Lin Cunzhen
Typography:  Optima & bespoke script
Launched:  Circa Late 2013

2013–2014 Applicant City

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2014–2015 Candidate City

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2015–2017 Interim

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2022 Winter Paralympics updated logo.svg
Designer:  Lin Cunzhen
Typography:  Bespoke script
Launched:  15 December 2017

The official emblems for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games were unveiled on 15 December 2017 at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing.[1] Beijing will be the first Olympic and Paralympic city to host both summer and winter editions.

The Olympic logo, called 'Winter Dream' is a stylised version of the Chinese character '冬' which is 'winter'.

  • It emulates the forms of a skater (on top) and a skier (beneath).
  • The ribbon motif portrays the rolling mountains of China; where the athletes will compete.
  • It's firework-esque form also notes the games will coincide with Chinese New Year celebrations.
  • The colour scheme is symbolic of dreams, the future and purity in blue, and the colours of the Chinese flag. (red and yellow)
  • The typeface of the logo calls back the calligraphic heritage of China.

The Paralympic logo, named 'Flying High' also incorporates an abstracted Chinese character; '飞' meaning 'fly', emulating the form of a wheelchair-bound athlete surging towards a finish line.

On September 6, 2020, the Paralympic logo was updated to match the new logo standards set by Paris 2024, Milan-Cortina 2026 and Los Angeles 2028.[2] The refreshed Agitos symbol by North was added and the text "Paralympic Games" text was removed.


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