Belgian National Broadcasting Institute (INR: Institut national belge de radiodiffusion, NIR: Belgisch Nationaal Instituut voor de Radio-omroep), the state-owned broadcasting organization was established by law on 18 June 1930. On 14 June 1940 the INR or NIR was forced to cease broadcasting as a result of the German invasion. The German occupying forces, who now oversaw its management, changed the INR's name to Radio Bruxelles. A number of INR or NIR personnel were able to relocate to the BBC's studios in London from where they broadcast as Radio Belgique / Radio België under the Office de Radiodiffusion Nationale Belge (RNB) established by the Belgian government in exile's Ministry of Information.


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At the end of the World War II the INR and the RNB coexisted until 14 September 1945, when a Royal Decree merged the two and restored the INR's original mission. The INR or NIR was one of 23 broadcasting organizations which founded the European Broadcasting Union in 1950.


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Television broadcasting from Brussels began in 1953, with two hours of programming each day. In 1960 the INR or NIR was replace by RTB (current as RTBF) and BRT (current as VRT)

Belgian National Broadcasting Institute