2011–2014 2014–2016 2016–present 2017 (unused)
2011–2014 2014–2016 2016–present 2017 (unused)

Big Ganga is a general entertainment channel (GEC) in the Bhojpuri dialect of Hindi serving the eastern Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. The channel was launched in 2011 by Reliance Broadcast Network, which had acquired the Hindi GEC Imagine Showbiz and renamed it to Big Magic. Zee acquired the two Big channels in 2016.[1]

Big Ganga is the leading Bhojpuri TV channel by viewership. It competes with Dishum and Anjan, which are entertainment channels, as well as Dabangg, Bhojpuri Cinema and B4U Bhojpuri, which are movie channels, and the music channel Sangeet Bhojpuri.

Big Magic Bihar and Jharkhand


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Big Magic Ganga


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Big Ganga


This rebrand came in January 2016, a few months after that of Big Magic in 2015.

Zee Ganga

2017 (unused)

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Big Magic and Big Ganga were supposed to have been renamed to Zee Magic and Zee Ganga respectively in November 2017, but they were unable to acquire licences from India's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at the time. However, after it obtained a licence for the Bhojpuri movie channel Zee Biskope, Zee decided against renaming the two Big channels in October 2019.[2]

2021 (upcoming)

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Big Ganga will be renamed to Zee Ganga some time in August or September 2021.


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