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GRAFx Studios


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Big Idea Productions


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Big Idea (Entertainment)


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Even though this logo is kept in for teasers of Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler (2006) and Gideon: Tuba Warrior (2006), as well one trailer for LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (2006), the first video to use this logo is Very Silly Songs! (1997), the last video to use this logo was LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (2006).



This logo remodeled Bob and Larry. This logo was mostly a still logo since 1999.


Big idea logo 2016

This was used during the new look for the series until September 2017 after VeggieTales in the City was cancelled. But, they still use this logo until 2020 before it was changed back into their 1999 designs again with a new CGI Animation.

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