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Bliss replaced The Amp in March 2006. It aired popular beloved blissful music, unlike the pop songs on the other radio channels. The logo was gold with a shiny brush handwriting detail and a roughly drawn strip underneath.


Bliss logo
In 2008, CSC Media Group prepared to launch a new temporary channel called "Love With Familes which focussed on parenting, children and family life. The channel was added which consisted a program of young families sharing their life. Familes were able to collaborate with the channel by applying for appearance. The channel was very unpopular, losing views and not many people were interested and knew about the channel. The channel was meant to last for 6 months, but that was reduced to 3 months when they noticed it wasn't getting any better. So after the temp collab channel shut down, Bliss had to reopen. Bliss wasn't closed down, it was just temporary replaced and was available again after the collab and the channel itself, closed. Of course Bliss had to have a new look, so they settled on white gapped letters with the blue outlined glow.

2012–November 2015

Bliss tv logo
In 2012, a volunteer posted to the media company about developing a new logo for Bliss. The logo kept the fading baby blue but there were a few copyright issues with this logo, as it looks too similar to the logo of a popular breastfeeding brand. In November 2015, Bliss was losing popularity and wasn't making enough money to stay up so the company had to be shut down.

Bliss is no longer available.

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