Block 13 (also known as قطعة 13 in native Arabic) a Kuwaiti animated series. It's the Arabic adaptation of the American animated series "South Park".
The series was created by Sami Al-Khars (سامي الخرس) and directed by Nawaf Salem Al-Shammari (نواف سالم الشمري) with the collaboration of Saleh Al-Bawi (صالح الباوي), Mona Shaddad (منى شداد), Daoud Hussein (داود حسين), Yousuf Al-Omani (يوسف العماني) and Abeer Al-Gendy (عبير الجندي).


Block 13 logo


Block 13 Season 2 and 3 logo


Block 13 logo title card

Only used in episode title cards

Block 13 net

Logo for the now defunct website for the show

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