Blockbuster Video


Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster founded on October 19, 1985 as Blockbuster Video. Many locations used this logo until its closure.

Blockbuster Entertainment


Blockbuster Entertainment

This logo was often used on the Spelling Television and Worldvision logos on TV.


1996–2014 (company), 1996–present (franchise)


In 1996, Blockbuster Video announced its rebranding as simply Blockbuster; the word "Entertainment" (and formerly "Video" until 1994) was dropped from the logo as a result in 1996, although older stores still used the previous logo.

Blockbuster was acquired by Dish Network Corp. in 2011. However, the use of the Blockbuster brand name still continues through the Blockbuster on Demand and Blockbuster @ Home services. Later, however, all Blockbuster stores in Canada were closed.

This logo was still used for Blockbuster Australia, one of the remaining countries which still had store franchises until the last Blockbuster in Australia closed in March 2019. As of January 2014, all of Blockbuster's company-owned locations were closed. As of April 2019, only one Blockbuster remains open in Bend, Oregon. Its website also remains online.


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Blockbuster was shut down in 2013 due to bankruptcy.

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