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In May 2018, the logo undergoes slight modifications: the word "radio" is now with another typeface, and the shadow from the word "blu" is removed.

Blu Radio is a Caracol TV radio station that was born in 2012 with these frequencies:

Own frecuencies:

  • Bogota (Capital District / Cundinamarca): HJCK 89.9 FM
  • Cali (Valle del Cauca): HJSU 91.5 FM
  • Medellín (Antioquia): HJD78 97.9 FM
  • Barranquilla (Atlántico) and Santa Marta (Magdalena): HJH27 100.1 FM
  • Montería and Sahagún (Córdoba) and Sincelejo (Sucre): HJL37 96.0 FM
  • Bucaramanga (Santander): HJHX 960 AM
  • Cartagena (Bolívar): HJOM 1090 AM
  • Armenia (Quindío) and Bugalagrande (Valle del Cauca): HJQ43 94.1 FM
  • Pereira and Belen de Umbria (Risaralda) and Manizales (Caldas): 107.1 FM
  • Neiva and Algeciras (Huila): HJM47 103.1 FM
  • Tunja and Paipa (Boyacá): HJH87 103.1 FM
  • Villavicencio and San Martín (Meta): HJN42 96.3 FM


  • Sincelejo (Sucre): HJNI 1370 AM (Radio Sabanas).
  • Valledupar (Cesar): HJC24 105.7 FM (Maravilla Stereo).
  • Yopal (Casanare): HJE77 107.7 FM (Manantial Estéreo).
  • Florencia (Caquetá): HJI61 93.1 FM (La Caqueteña).
  • Guamo (Tolima): HJJB 1090 AM (Click Radio).
  • Armenia (Quindío): HKK50 92.1 FM (Cordillera Stereo).
  • Cúcuta (Santander North): HJBF 1040 AM (La Voz Del Norte).

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