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1987–2005 2005–2013 2013–2021
1987–2005 2005–2013 2013–2021


Blue Sky logo (1987-2005).svg

When Blue Sky Studios was founded in 1987, its logo had a blue crayon scribble.


Blue Sky Studios 2005.svg

In 2005, the blue crayon scribble was replaced with a blue oval around it. This logo debuted with Robots on March 11, 2005 and was last seen on recent trailers of Epic and a teaser poster for Rio 2. [1]


Blue Sky Studios (2013).svg
Designer:  Jason Sadler
Typography:  Fenice (modified)
Launched:  Unknown

In 2013, the blue oval was removed and the font got modified a bit the word "Blue" was light blue and the word "Sky" was royal blue. This logo debuted with Epic in 2013 and was last seen in Spies in Disguise.[2]

On February 9, 2021, Disney announced that Blue Sky Studios would be shut down. The studio officially ceased operations on April 7, 2021, with co-founder Chris Wedge confirming the closure in a farewell message posted across social media.[3] The company's 450 workers also had the option to work at either Walt Disney Animation Studios or Pixar Animation Studios.