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[[File:Blue Sky Studios 2005.svg|center|250px]]
[[File:Blue Sky Studios 2005.svg|center|250px|bunny (1998) Ice Age and gone nutty (2002) robots and Aunt Fanny's Tour Of Booty (2005) Ice Age The Meltdown and no time for nuts (2006) Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who and surviving sid (2008) Ice Age dawn of the dinosaurs (2009) Scrat's Continental Crack-Up (2010) Rio Scrat's Continental Crack-Up Part 2 and Ice Age a Mammoth Christmas (2011) Ice Age Continental Drift (2012)]]

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Bluesky logo
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Blue Sky Studios 2005


Blue Sky Studios 2013 logo

This logo first debuted in the movie Epic.

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